Wild Bear Power Slot Machine

Here’s What You Can Expect From the Big Mighty Bear Slot Machine

It’s safe to assume that bears are formidable animals. Ask Hugh Glass, a renowned adventurer. He made it out alive, and you can too (virtually, at least) if you play Games Global’s Big Might Bear. This slot machine set in a wooded area was created by Ino Games and features 8 active paylines and plenty of unexpected bonuses.

This game doesn’t give any indication that the studio is new. Ino Games has succeeded in making a visually stunning and thoroughly engaging slot machine. The massive bear is out looking for some honey, and the bees are defending their hive like they always do.

Will you lend a hand and place the bear’s paw in the honey pot? Or will you take the bees’ side? The medium-variance slot is entertaining and potentially lucrative, despite having just 8 paylines. The extra Round and its delicious extra feature are where the true excitement lies. But even before that, you’ll get spoiled with features like no-loss respin opportunities and extra-large bear symbols.

Structure, Design, and Symbols of the Big Mighty Bear Slot Machine

The Big Mighty Bear slot has a 4×4 vehicle and a lush woodland backdrop. The visual design and tone give the game away as a comedic one. You may examine the feature triggers in the left-hand column. The first reel may display anywhere from one to five symbols at random, making all eight of the slot machine’s paylines dynamic. We’ll go into more detail regarding how changing the line pattern affects the slot later on.

The highest paid icon is a bear drooling over a honeycomb. It offers payouts of 75x for five, and then the hive comes into play. After the bouquet of flowers comes the beast’s honey-slathered paw. The lowest paying symbols are the suits of playing cards.

The bear can randomly appear on the reels in either a 3×3 or 4×4 size, spanning substantial areas. The highest payouts may be found here, even without the bonus rounds.

Mobile Slot Machine Featuring a Giant Bear

HTML5 was used in the creation of the Big Mighty Bear slot machine. It works flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices, with no additional slot applications required.

Scatter Bear Slot Machine Action

Bet anywhere from $0.10 to $20 to kick off this woodland bash. Buckle in and enjoy the journey; the Big Mighty Bear is packed to the gills with extras. The first unusual feature, the large symbols, has been discussed at length. The bear increases your odds of winning by landing in either a 3×3 or 4×4 size. Even if there aren’t any Wilds, the game’s other unique symbols more than make up for it.

Without a win, a respin will occur if you get a Big Bear symbol. A victory may come out of nowhere thanks to the Honey Respin function. You may increase your odds significantly of catching the Big Bear by using the Big Bear Frenzy function, which can activate at random.

Remember that anywhere from one to five symbols will appear on the first reel at random. With all the extras, your odds of winning are skyrocketing already.

Slot Machine Bonuses & Free Spins for Big, Mighty Bear

The Free Spins Bonus is activated when the colorful Bonus Symbol appears on reel one and a total of four or more of them appear on the remaining reels. The maximum number of free games you may win is 21, which is proportional to the amount of bonus symbols that triggered them. The rules of this round are similar to those in the first game, but you have a higher chance of winning. Excitingly, the first reel’s symbols will remain the same as they were on the spin that activated the bonus.

There’s not just a Free Spins Bonus, but a Sweet Bonus as well! One bonus symbol must appear on Reel 1 and at least two must appear anywhere else in play. This unique feature utilizes a fresh 4×4 grid, but with fewer symbols (4 total) and a greater multiplier (2x). Big Bear offers the highest payout before the multiplier is applied, at 4x. When both Paw symbols are present, the value of the combination is retrieved.

Return to Player, Max Bet, and Volatility for Big Mighty Bear Slots

For a slot with medium volatility and so many extras, Big Mighty Bear’s RTP of 96% is rather good. There is a maximum payout of 15,000 times the wager.

Final Say on the Big, Mighty Bear Slot

Big Mighty Bear’s major shocks are hidden under its charming cartoonish visuals. You’ll find that this new take on the classic woodland animal story is just what you’ve been looking for.

The slot machine has two exciting bonus games in addition to its superb main game, which benefits greatly from its random characteristics. We won’t tell you how fantastic the slot is or ruin the surprise, so go play it at one of the top online casinos and see for yourself.

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